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Let us cling together as the years go by/Oh my love my love
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love stories.
The intercom crackled to life, announce train so-and-so's departure, and that train this-and-that would be delayed due to ddebris in the track. Teera ignored all of this as she scanned the rows of CDs in the gift shop. It was her custom, for each town she left, she bought a new CD based on her adventures. She quickly pulled a soundtrack off the shelf, smiling as she recalled the number of times Beast Boy made her sit through Shrek in the tower. The smile faded when she remembered the night several days after when she watched it on HBO. "You came here because you are leaving! Don't get caught up in the past, it'll hold you back!" she mentally chided herself.

She payed for the CD and walked back over to the ticket booth to buy her ticket. She was beginning to walk away when a flash of black distracted her. She followed the direction it was moving in, thinking that, maybe-No. It was a different man, who was running up to greet his children and wife. Terra turned away, a sneer forming. She didn't understand if it was because she was jealous, or if she admired them for what they had...


"Right," she said outloud, and headed off towards Station Nine.


Wintergreen's comments were still echoing in his head when he ran into the train station. His eye scanned through the crowds, and he caught a flash of dazzling blonde hair moving towards one of the corridors. He pushed through, trying to follow her, and managed to work his way outand break into a run, hoping to catch up.

He was almost immidiatly stopped by a pimply young attendent. "SIR! You need a ticket to go down this way!"

SLade threw some bills the kid's way as he ran past, and the boy's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Thats a lot of zeros..." he mumbled as they fluttered into his hands.


Terra did not turn when she heard the attendents shout, and simply repeated the same phrase over and over, "To forget."

Once she had settled into her seat and popped her earbuds in, she skipped ahead to track eight, whispering along, and wondering how in the hell she could be so sadistic, when-


~FIN~ (for now.) R&R Peeps!
21st-Mar-2006 07:27 pm - He had it coming...
I concur ^^
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love stories.
Again, going with the first inspiration, so this is not a continuation of the Slerra series. ^_^;;

Random POV's here...inspired by an AWESOME concert I went to Saturday night (EHHS CABARET! W00T!!)


She returned. She got her memories, and we got a friend. But she's too distant. She isn't the Terra I remember. Her smile faded. The laughter is forced. She doesn't talk to me as much as she used to.

Maybe she's just tired of being a titan.

But what if what we had...is gone?


Tell me his name/I want to know/The way he looks/And where you go/I need to see his face/I need to understand/Why you and I came to an end


I heard the music coming from Beast Boy's room one night. I think he took that CD from my room after I...left. He was singing softly along with it, and...I just sat by his door and cried...because I don't know how to tell him.

I did that every night for two goddamn weeks. And I'll do it again tonight, too.


Tell me again/I want to hear/Who broke my faith in all these years/Who lays with you at night/When I'm here all alone/Remembering when I was your own


The door slid open, and before Terra had a chance to react, Beast Boy stuck his head out. He ran a hand over his eye, pretending to yawn, while Terra made no move to wipe her tears away. "Terra? What's wrong?"

"Oh my god, Beast Boy," she held her head in her hands. "I'm so sorry..."

"For what?" he asked, dreading the answer, and sitting next to her next to his door.

She looked up at him with a mixture of fear and sorrow in her eyes, as she said, "Do you really want to know who he is?"

Beast Boy's pain was obvious on his face as he mutly nodded his head. She began to sob as she whispered his name.


He stood up and backed away slowly, saying "No....no, you're joking-"

"I'm sorry! I never mean to, its just....he found me first." she looked up at him, but he wouldn't meet her eyes. "Why do you think I regained my memory?"

He pulled away when she reached up for his hand, and turned away from her, trying to ignore her sobs.

To him, this was unforgivable.
He pushed the curtain surrounding the bed away slowly, hoping that she would already be awake. "Terra?" he asked quietly, peeking around the door. In the bed, she rolled over until her back was towards him, and she faced the wall. "Are you feeling better?"

"Yes." she whispered, lying into her pillow.

"I just wanted to ask you about before," he said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Terra moved away from him before she answered. "I know what I want to do." she closed her eyes and willed herself to continue. "I'm going to leave."

"Are you sure?" he asked, taken aback.

"Yes. All I need is enough money for a train ticket."


"I'll be fine." her voice dropped to a whisper, "We just have to forget this had happened."


"I don't care anymore." she said, without even trying to stop herself. She squeezed her eyes shut, and said in reply to his stunned silence, "I'll be ready to go soon." then, "Please leave."

"Terra, were you listening to-"

"I heard enough. Please leave."

He baked out of the room slowly, realization dawning on his face, but keeping quiet anyway.


She sat on the stairs in front of the doorway, lacing up her boots slowly. She didn't say a word when Slade sat next to her, and only acknoledged him when he held out a money clip. She counted the bills quickly, then looked up at him. "I only need enough for a ticket, though."

"I know. The rest is for food, and whatever else you might need."

"It's too much," she protested.

"Take it. I want to make sure you'll be alright."

She swallowed, and felt a familiar pang in her chest. After a few seconds she walked away from the bottom stair and stood next to the door. Terra took a deep breathe, and reached for the handle-and instead, ran back over to the stairs, hugged him briefly, and whispered "I'm sorry," in his ear.

Slade simply sat there stunned as she ran out the door.

A/N: ...yeah, I am in some kinda funk...Comment and such!
12th-Mar-2006 07:51 pm(no subject)
Slerra.  It PWNS your face.
Hey GEM!! You can just post my assignment here!
I concur ^^
(otherwise titled, It ain't about him no more)

Oohhoo, I feel insanely bitchy tonight!! So, instead of coninuing the Slerra story, I'm going in a completely opposite direction (but keeping with the pairing).

EDIT:I am not ending anything until I can pull the series up to speed with where I broke off-This ficlet wasn't a new chappie in the Bond series, its just a one-shot! SORRY EVERYONE!

She felt her heart race, again. She took a deep breath, making sure that her expression didn't betray what she was feeling. Keeping her head bent over the laptop, her eyes flickered up only once before she returned to what she was typing.

"What are you doing now?" Slade asked cooly, sitting at the other end of the couch.

"Just surfing the web." She looked up at him and grinned. "Don't worry, I'm not giving away any info."

"You'd better not be." Her face fell, causing a curtain of hair to block her eyes.He was silent for a few seconds, before he said; "Do you miss him?"

"Who? Beast Boy?" Terra saidm startled. He nodded.

'Should I tell him the truth? If I say no, he'll ask why. Or he won't even need to ask, he'll figure it out himself. But I don't want to scare him away, or have him become completly disgusted with me. But what he feels the same way? THEN WHAT??'


She ignored her inner monolouge, and simply said, "Yes."

AAAAnd now that that's out of my system, I think I'll write something happier.
4th-Mar-2006 05:03 pm - I'm...not too sure about this.
love stories.
"Then this is goodbye?" she said slowly.

"Yes." he didn't meet her eyes.

"Are-are you sure?" she stuttered out.

"Yes." he shuffled his feet.


"I'm sorry, I really am, but-"

"No, its okay, don't worry about it." she attempted a smile, but she could tell by the look on his face that she'd failed.

"I really wish I didn't have to do this."

"It's okay, I knew that this would happen eventually."


"I was dating a senior, I had to know that the summer would end." She kissed his cheek. "Who am I to keep my boyfriend from college?"

"I'm sorry."

The intercom crackled to life over their heads, mentioning something about a flight and boarding. "This is it." she whispered. he pulled her into his arms, and let her cry into his shoulder. "Promise you'll write?"

"Every night." he whispered back. The intercom rambled about the same flight, and they pulled apart slowly. "I love you."

This time, she really did smile. "I love you too."

Yeah, i don't know what the hell that was.
The two men sat across from each other, both seemingly intent on the game of chess set up before them, but the diaolouge told a different story.


"I told you not to."

"I know, and again, shit."

"I now she's back in the infirmary because you decided to-"

"I get it!"

"A bit late for that, now, isn't it?"

"I realize this!"

"Still, a brilliant way to tell her to leave-"

"Would you shut up?"

"I'm sorry, sir, but I told you to send her away before this sort of thing happened! I mean, honestly, what good is going to come out of this?"


"And can I just ask you, what were you thinking?!"

"...I don't know."

Wintergreen massaged his temples slowly before he continued with the conversation. "It wouldn't work anyway. And when I say this, I'm focusing mainly on the age factor here."


"Does she know about your son?"

Slade's eyes flickered up from the board, briefly. "Do you think she would've let me if she did?"

"No." he paused for a moment. "But it did happen. And now you have to do something about it."

"What do you expect me to tell her? That I don't care anymore?"

Wintergreen held one of his pieces poised over the game as he asked, "Do you?"

Slade said nothing, but forced himself to slowly move his head back and forth. "No."


Terra pulled her head back away from the door, squeezing her eyes shut, and whispering her mantra to herself as she ran back into the infirmary:

"You don't care, don't let him see you cry, you don't care, don't let him see you cry..."


Wintergreen looked up at him with a mixture of disbelief ond digust, and said "You're lying!"

"Did I at least do it with a staight face?"


"Well alright then. Case closed. I'll go talk to her now." he said simply, knocking over Wintergreen's king.

....I probably should've stopped after Terra's bit there, but again, the Idea had been bothering me all day. (But just think, it would've been longer if The Gnostic hadn't been STALKING me ^_^)
Please note that this takes place at least a week after the Part 3. And for those of you who think that this is creepy? Its about to get creepier. So stay away if this ship freaks you out ^_^;.

Terra couldn't have been happier. She had finally gotten her life back, after what sounded like almost a year being dead, and six weeks recouperating. And better yet, a couple weeks ago Slade had finally loosened up and stopped wearing his mask 24/7. He had told her that he was afaraid "Nothing like being able to walk on your own." she said to herself as her feet skipped lightly over the hardwood flooring. She ran around the table, collecting the silverware and cups Slade had left behind from dinner, when he walked back in. "Hey!" she said with a grin. "I was about to bring these in, but if-"

"Terra, forget the dishes."

She stopped dead in her tracks. Slade hadn't used that tone in ages. "What's wrong?"

"We need to talk about our-your future."

"Oh." she sat down slowly, placing the dishes next to her on the table. "What about it?"

He took a deep breath, and sat down next to her, and said "I've just been thinking about your education; I'm under the assumption that you haven't finished high school, of course, and I think it would be in our -your best interests if we tried to get you settled back into a family, and-"

"Are you telling me that I have to leave?" Terra nterrupted him quickly.

"It's just that-well, it would start to look suspicious if the Titans figure out that you're no longer a statue, and if we set you up with a family somewhere outside of-"



"I can find my own way. I don't need your help with this." she stood up and walked out of the room, Slade only a few feet behind her.

"I'm sorry, okay, but this is for the both of us. I can't-"

"I never said I was mad at you, I just don't need your help." she said, picking up the pace as she headed down the hall. "I'm just gonna go pack, you don't need to follow me." she added, yelling over her shoulder.

"Terra, I'm not going to make you do this if you don't want to!"

"It won't last anyway!" she whirled around to face him, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "It won't matter that I don't care what anyone says! I don't care how creepy it seems to anybody, because I was happy here! I liked living here!" she took a deep breath, "Good times never last, so what's the point of staying?" she finished quietly, walking into her room.

"Terra," he started again, following her in, "It's not because I don't care-"

"No, and why would you anyway!" she shouted angrily, trying to pull a fully-packed suitcase out from under her bed.

"What do you mean why-is that what I think it is?" he said, staring at the suitcase.

"Yes, and do I really need to explain it to you?!?" she sadi angrily, and continued on without waiting for his reply. "I ran away from you the first time I met you, then ran BACK to you, expecting to be welcomed back. Then I had to leave again, and when I finally came back, I betrayed you!"

"I don't care about that, Terra!" he ran over to her side, and grabbed her hands. "If I was still mad at you about all of that, do you really think I'd let you stay?"

"Slade..."she said slowly, staring at her hands, "What are you-"

"I don't care about anything but you."

Her head snapped up to face his. "What?!"

And he kissed her.

For a few seconds, Terra could swear that she was dreaming. She was floating away, this couldn't be real...and thanking God that it was.

And when they pulled apart, all she could manage was a faint smile and a weak "Wow," before she collapsed in his arms.

Am I rushing this? It feels like it to me...

And for all you Python fans, I was seriously considering writing "Intercourse the dishes!" instead of "Terra, forget the dishes." But I thought that it would ruin the flow ^_^
Slerra.  It PWNS your face.
Her screams woke him up. Slade's eye snapped open, and he automatically reached over by the lamp for his mask, forgetting that he had tossed it away the night before. He got up anyway, grabbing a bathrobe, and ran for Terra's room.

"Terra?" he said gently, shaking her shoulders. "Its only a nightmare, its okay..."

Her eyes snapped open, and she stared up at him. "Oh my god..." she sat up slowly, and he knelt by her bed. "It was insane...horrible..." (he could tell that she was still half asleep) "I thought that I was turning back to stone...flames everywhere," she said sleepily. Then her eyes widened in shock, and she said "You were dead! It was horrible."

"Its okay now, it was only a dream." he said, starting to stand.

"Don't leave!" she said, grabbing his arm, and -before he could react- pulled him into her arms.

This was completly new to him. For as long as he had could remember, he could not recall being hugged by anyone. He had been with other women, of course, (as much as he had regretted THAT particular memory) but this was different.

And he stayed that way, holding her close, until her breathing slowed, and she fell asleep. After he laid her back onto her pillows, left the room and headed back to his bedroom, only one thought stayed with him.

The way he felt with her was just...perfect.

Not much of a fic...or is it? *dun dun dun!* R&R peeps!
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